Busify Case Study

Modernizing Quality Assurance Travel

Successfully operating for 20+ years, Quality Assurance Travel is a leading provider of charter bus transportation in Santa Clara.

The company prides itself on excellent service, a loyal customer customer base, and a stellar fleet of motorcoaches, minibuses, and SUVs.


The back story


Outdated software was holding Quality Assurance Travel back in every aspect of the business.


Maximize quote conversion, automate manual work, and secure the business' future with modren, powerful, easy to use software.

 The problem

Losing business by spending too much time creating outdated PDF quotes.

 The solution

Grew revenue by 50%+ with automated mobile-friendly online quotes.

Prior to Busify, it would often take Art's team a full day to get back to requests. When quotes were finally sent, prospects were forced to sign and send back a PDF.

In a world dominated by speed and convenience, Quality Assurance was struggling to keep up.

Quality Assurance’s reps now send quotes with prospects still on the phone using Busify's deep automation. Best of all, customers can book directly on their phones.

Art Moreno, VP Sales & Marketing, Quality Assurance

We knew that if we did not sign up for Busify, we would remain stuck in the past. With Busify we know that we’ll have the tools to compete for a very long time to come.

 The problem

Significant money and time wasted on ensuring a smooth customer experience.

 The solution

20% cost reduction managing trips using driver app and automated communication.

Prior to Busify, dispatchers were constantly on the phone with customers and drivers to ensure trips are running smoothly. Physical trip sheets were printed, resulting in frequent human error and wasted paper.

Customers called multiple times a day to check on the status and location of their bus.

Now, fewer dispatchers handle more trips. Drivers access schedules on the driver app, enabling real-time updates and no paper. Customers receive automated communication with driver info and vehicle location updates.

 The problem

Lost business and complete lack of productivity while out of the office.

 The solution

Work from anywhere with Busify’s cloud-based website and top-rated mobile app.

Prior to Busify, Quality Assurance could only access their software from a local server at the office. Art’s team lost access to their data while out of the office.

With the onset of COVID-19 and beyond, this resulted in dropped productivity and high employee turnover.

Art and his team now access their business from anywhere. Busify's mobile app and website provide full access to their business even from their phone, keeping them highly productive while not in the office.

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